Welcome To Ubunifu

We offically launched Ubunifu a couple weeks ago. In the first two weeks, we’ve had 205 students register for our free beginner computer literacy course, and taught nearly 50 class sessions. WOW! We knew the demand was high, but never imagined the massive numbers so quickly. It’s already proven our thesis and speaks for itself that what we are doing is important.

What We’ve Been Working On

While classes are in session and things are running smooth, we haven’t slowed down other efforts to get everything completed…

Website 2.0

We also launched our webiste 2.0 (you’re looking at it now - hope you like it). We wanted something that was simple, but really showcased what we are setting out to do.

Painting Has Begun

The building we are operating out of was ready for paint, and we wasted no time adding some color to our space.

New Equipment

A projector and webcam were recently shipped from the U.S. These tools will really round out the essenstial items. The projector will give us the capability to provide even better teaching methods and allow us to host guest speakers from anywhere in the world. Super exciting stuff. There may even be opportunity for the hub to host community movie nights on the big screen :).